2016 Lott Family Reunion Greeting Letters

The following listed persons "greeting letters" were returned  because of  incorrect or bad addresses. 
The San Antonio Committee wants to resend letters to each of the listed
persons and update the mailing lists with the correct information. If
you see a name below and know that person encourage them to provide the committee with there current mailing address.  Or send the information
to alottsr@gmail.com and/or anewdee@yahoo.com (Dolores Hammett).

Here are the names of the GREETING LETTERS returned to us that had
incorrect mailing addresses:

Marilyn Fredrick
Jerline Flowers
Barbara Mallory
Ayisha Lott-Andres
Kenny Walker
Henry Moore
Oscar Lott
Lynnice Lott
Douglas Wright
Samuel Benford
Anita Alexander
Emma G. Harper
Howard S. Lott
James Lott Jr

Dolores Hammett