April 2010

    Lott Family By-Law's

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    The name of this organization shall be called the "Lott Family and Friends Reunion".

    The location of each reunion shall be voted on by the body as to where the next reunion will be
    held at each reunion.


    The purpose of this organization ("Lott Family and Friends Reunion") is to reunite family
    members and to enhance the growth and development of family unity.


    The membership is comprised of Gary and Francis Holman-Lott Sr.

     Section 1

    Meetings -The "Lott Family and Friends Reunion" will take place every two years. It shall be
    held the last weekend in July. It
    will be voted/decided upon by the full body of family members
    present a
    t the reunion. The location of the following meeting/reunion shall be voted on at the
    previous year's reunion.

    Voting Rights - Each member is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the
    membership. A vote will be passed and brou
    ght before the entire body with a majority of members
    present. All paid members (family and friends) 18 years of age and older can vote and par
    in all acti
    vities of the Lott family reunion.

    Section 2

    Regular and Special Meetings - Regular meetings shall be scheduled in preparation for the family
    reunion by the President
    . Special meetings can be called as deemed necessary by the president.

     Section 1

    The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary,
    and Treasurer, and Chaplain shall be appointed by the President of the host city's organization
    only. The duties should be carried out according to Robe
    rts Rules of Order.

    The president and treasurer shall not live in the same house.

    Section 2

    Removal --- The President has the power to remove any officer that is not fulfilling the role and
    responsibility of their office.

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Section 3
Vacancies- Any vacancy occurring in the organization shall be filled at the next meeting. If an office becomes vacant, the president must make sure that the office is filled immediately. The office of president should be filled immediately by the vice president. The vice president will choose a person to fill the vice president's position when needed.
Section 4
President- The President shall be the principal officer of this family reunion and shall in general supervise and control all the business and affairs of the organization. He/she may sign with the Secretary, certificates or any deeds, or other instruments which the organization has authorized to be executed; and in general perform all the duties as may be prescribed by the organization from time to time.
Section 5
Vice President- The Vice President shall in the absence or incapacity of the President, perform the duties of that office.
Section 6
Secretary- The Secretary shall attend the meetings of this family reunion and record the minutes of the meeting; see that written notice of meetings are given; keep a register of the addresses of each member and perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or this family reunion.
Section 7
Financial Secretary- The Financial Secretary shall keep a record of all financial transactions and compare records with the treasurer to ensure accuracy; and perform all other duties incident to the office of Financial Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or this family reunion.
Section 8
Treasurer- The Treasurer shall be the principal accounting and financial officer and shall be responsible for the maintenance of all funds for this family reunion; receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to this family reunion from any source whatsoever and deposit all such monies in the name of this family reunion in such banks as shall be selected by this family reunion.
He/she shall render to the membership an account of all his/her transactions as Treasurer and perform all of the duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as may be assigned by President or this family reunion.
Committees may be established as deemed necessary by the president of this family reunion.
 Section 1
Contracts- The President may authorize in writing an assigned committee member to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of this family reunion.
Section 2
Checks, Etc. - All checks, withdrawals or other orders for payment shall be signed by a minimum of two officers (president, treasurer, financial secretary) of this family reunion.

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Section 3         '
Deposits- Any funds given to this family reunion shall be deposited when received to the credit of  this family reunion in such banks as this family reunion may select.
Section 4
A. "Seed" Money- All monies collected in each proposed reunion site, as startup capital shall be reimbursed after the family reunion expenses have been met.
B. Late Fees- There will be a late fee of $15.00 assessed to all members paying their fees after the due date.
Section 5
Bank Account- Once the president has established his committee, the hosting President and Treasurer will open a bank account in the name of "Lott Family  Reunion".Each current president and treasurer is responsible for and shall forward $500.00 to the family reunion committee hosting the reunion. The President and financial committee members (president, financial secretary, treasurer) of the host city will determine the maintenance or disbursement of funds.
Section 6
Content of Reunion- Every "Lott Family and Friends Reunion" shall include in its agenda a business meeting, family history update, family and worship time, and recreation. These items shall be covered over a period of three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There shall be souvenirs available at all reunions to be decided upon by the host reunion committee. Family and friends that are licensed vendors are allowed to sell goods for a fee. Permission for goods to be sold will be at the discretion of the president. The president and the financial committee will decide-the-fee for selling goods. This rule applies at the reunion site and outside of the reunion-site.
Mailing List of Lott Family- Every known family member and friend shall be informed in writing by the host city of plans for the "Lott Family and Friends Reunion". Each host group shall acquire a list of family members from the prior family reunion host. This mailing list shall be updated at every reunion and sent to the next proposed reunion site as a new mailing list.
Section 8
Website Upkeep and Maintenance- At each family reunion funds shall be collected for the maintenance and update of the Lott Family website. The 2010 President, Jimmy McBride and three core committee members (secretary, financial secretary, treasurer) of the Lott Family website reserve the right to claim the title of creators and originators of the website. Therefore, all use, access, and any information posted on the website will be approved and governed by the above founding body. The website was created by Jimmy McBride, Alta Lott-Flowers, Fannie Lott-Huston, and Mamie Lott- Alexander. Timi Lott and Arthur Lott Sr. are responsible for the technology (graphic design, links, background, posting information, displays, etc.) in the creation of the website. In the event that one, some or all of the above named members can not oversee or monitor the website, the remaining members will appoint or choose someone to fill the vacancies.
These by-laws may be amended, altered, changed, added to or repealed by the affirmative vote of a majority of Lott Family members entitled to vote at any meeting (every two years) of the family reunion if notice of the aforementioned is contained in the notice of the meeting, and by a quorum at such meeting. Jimmie Lee Lott will enforce the by-laws. He will be and is the sole person to
oversee that the by-laws are respected, followed and carried out
. His contact information is 205-
926-1616. He must be contacted and notified prior to any amendments, alterations, changes or

additions to the by-laws. He has named as his assistant to work along with him and fulfill his
sition in the case of his incapacity, absence, or as his successor Alta Lott-Flowers.
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The rules contained in the Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all business and affairs of the
"Lott Family and Friends Reunion".

This page contain the signatures of the 2010 Family Reunion Committee signees/creators but cannot be included  due to technical limitation.

Amendment to the Lott Family By-laws : Effective July 26, 2014

As authorized by vote of the Lott Family reunion body on July 26, 2014.

The following positions of Commander and Chief and Vice Commander and Chief shall be added to the By-Laws as indicated below:

Section 2 – Office of the Commander and Chief and office of Vice Commander and Chief

Sections 9 – Duties of Commander and Chief and Duties of the Vice Commander and Chief


               Duties of the Commander and Chief 


  • Create advisory Staff for the Commander and Chief. This staff will act on instructions by the CAC to investigate, document, communicate to family and advise on issues arising during his/her term of office as seen fit by CAC. One member of this advisory staff should be titled the Vice Commander and Chief (VCAC).
  • The VCAC to lead advisory group to ensure they are up to date on issues and are knowledgeable of all issues when communicating with CAC. 


  • The CAC will appoint the Vice Commander and Chief (VCAC) who will succeed to Commander and Chief as vacancies occur. This successor will at his/her elevation to CAC would then appoint a new VCAC and other members of the advisory staff.  Appointment to this position of CAC is restricted to persons that have a linear relationship to the Lott Family.


  • CAC will act as honorary host of family reunion at formal gatherings


  • CAC will be responsible for evaluation and  presentation of formal changes to bylaws to the family body


  • CAC will perform opening and/or closing address to family at reunion (ie, history, location of next reunion, etc.)


  • CAC will oversee any program utilized by his office in the performance of his/her duties


  • CAC will be available to advise and consult with president and his/her officers in charge of staging family reunions


  • CAC will manage any financial accounts created by his/her office (eg. financing to be used for maintenance of Web site, possible aid to reunion functions if needed, etc.) 


  • CAC will manage  and coordinate any fund raisers at state or individual levels which generate funds to be maintained by his/her office


  • CAC will provide financial reports for any sources and usage of funds entrusted to Commander and Chief.  CAC shall receive any monthly or otherwise published financial reports issued by the reunion committee for his/her review. 



  • CAC will establish procedures for handling inquires for bylaw changes, etc. from family members to CAC.


  • CAC will handle and report to membership any required action taken by the CAC when there is an issue concerning the Lott family where a meeting of the Lott membership cannot be convened. 


  • CAC will update the bylaws as voted and determined by family members vote


  • CAC will work with current president and others hosting the family reunion to establish agenda for business meeting portion of the reunion. 


  • CAC will review and advise on proposed changes to bylaws (causes and effects)


  • CAC shall provide training for his/her advisory team



Duties of Vice Commander and Chief (VCAC)


  • Chair the Advisory board (team) appointed by Commander and Chief (CAC) 


  • Perform duties as assigned to CAC and as directed by CAC

              (These duties are inclusive of all duties assigned to CAC)



Commander and Chief – Jimmie Lott

Date ___________