Hey Lott Family!
How many of these Lott family members do you know?  We are looking for the oldest living Lott members of each branch to add to this list. You may send in additional names to the contact page of this website.  Thanks in advance.
Lott family members to know
Jimmie Lee Lott - Alabama
Lucille Shelley - Texas
Arthur Lott  - Illinois
Willie Lott - Mississippi
James W. Lott - Michigan
Philip McBride - Illinois
Author Alexander - California
Keith Lott - California
Ben Lott - Mississippi
Summie Lott - Illinois
Eloise Lott-Hill - Illinois
Jessie P. Lott Jr. - Illinois
Lampton Holman - Illinois
Wayne Harris - Indiana
Annie Gray - Missouri
Alma Lott - South Carolina
Clarence Moore - Illinois
Louise Lott - Illinois
Gloria Muhammad - Illinois
Marcia Grair - Ohio
Roosevelt Lott - Missouri
Henry Lott - Mississippi
Hattie McCoy - Wisconsin
Lula Pearl Alexander - Illinois
Emma Woodard - Illinois