Hello Lott Family and Friends Members!!
Dear Family and friends,
As 2017 passes we can all reflect on the wonderful memories past reunions have given us. We have certainly been blessed to have had the privilege of gathering, meeting our family members, learning our family history, and flnding connections and similarites that have brought us closer as a family.

Well, the fun ain’t over!

The next Lott Family and Friends Reunion will be held the weekend of July 27 -29, 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama!!!!
Planning a reunion is done with love for the Lott family so first I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 2018 Lott Family and Friends Reunion Committee members.

They are:
President: Dwight McBride, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
President: Onna Alexander, Vallejo, California
Secretary: Timi Lott,
Columbus, Ohio
Treasurers: Clark McBride and Aneka McBride, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Committee Members:
Jearica McBride, Carrollton, Mississippi
Wendell McBride, San Antonio, Texas
Jimmie” Good Time” McBride, Atlanta, Georgia
We all know that this reunion is extra special as we are also celebrating Uncle Jimmie’s 100th birthday, so it is a must we all show up and show out to celebrate and honor this amazing man!

You can’t miss this reunion!
As this committee begins the tasks to plan the reunion our aim is to have fun and do our best for all of family members. We want to see everyone there! In the coming months you all will be gettng a “Save the Date” reminder card, soon to be followed by the official invitation with all the reunion details. You will also be able to access reunion information and updates via this website.

See you all in Alabama in 2018!!!!

Dwight McBride