This is  a short documentary called "California Typewriter".  The movie which played at
Telluride film festival Colorado and now in Mill Valley film festival in California.  This film seems to be causing a ground swell.  It seem to be blowing up on the independent film festival trailer.  The thing that may interest our family is the fact that ourr brother Kenneth Alexander is in the film.  Along with major film stars, such as, Tom Hanks and others.  Also, there have been writeups in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. on the film. According to Kenneth there is great interest in the film by many stars and corporate heads.

I think the premise of the film is to compare current and pass methods of ceativity and
communication.  One of the best thing about the film is that a good portion was done in a Black owned typewriter sales and repair shop.  This is where Kenneth is employed.  In fact his part in the movie is notable.   He informed me that he even had interviews at
the shop and our mother's home.
Also,  there is a facebook link called "California Typewriter". Where
small bits of the film and it's purpose are discussed.

Author Alexander

Jamil Lott
Jamil Lott
2014 Marquette University Young Alumni of the Year
  John base
Date:   Sunday, May 21, 2017
My grandmothers name was Hazel ladder Lott Married to Leonard Lott both from Gulfport So I'm not sure if this is still the same relations but if it is can anybody tell me what relationship to whom and how so I'll know.i would live to find my family