Lott Family and Friends,

Summertime is upon us as we continue to face many unknowns. Isn't it wonderful that we can rely and depend on a Greater source and power to see us through these unprecedented times? We've always heard that God's love is continuous, unconditional, everlasting, and always the same. Thank God for His grace and mercy and a peace that surpasses all understanding. God's goodness continues to keep us!
Therefore, my motivating phrase remains the same "Plenty in 2020". It's still relevant and certainly worth repeating. Plenty of faith, prayers, and love.
Let's stay focused and know that God is present and working on our behalf in the midst of these difficult times.
Let's remember to send up prayers for the Floyd family and may George Floyd rest in peace as his death continues to shed light on the injustices and inequalities that our people have  experienced through the years. Prayers for healing, transformation and change as we move forward. 
May you remain healthy and safe.

Loving you "Lotts"

Alta Lott-Flowers
Commander In Chief
Greetings Lott Family and Friends,

It is with prayers, faith and love that I greet you at this time. My motivating phrase, "Plenty in 2020"  continues to be the same as we navigate through this pandemic and challenging time.  
Renew your faith, increase your prayers, and love more. You can not loose, if that stuff you use.
Prayerfully, you are following self care practices and actively taking precautions and measures to prevent any known contact with the coronavirus (COVID-19).
I trust that you are keeping abreast with daily updates via news, websites, and social media.
It is of utmost imprtance that all of you make healthy decisions and take the best of care for you and your loved ones.
Please focus on the facts surrounding this virus, continue to stay healthy and safe.
Lott Family Reunion Update
We want you to know that we share your concerns and are committed to your health, safety, and well being.  At this time, the question to continue with the reunion planning is on the table. 
We are in communication with the hotel, Embsssy Suites for information as it unfolds on their decisions and directives from the government and officials regarding holding events.
The hotel representative has informed us that they will continue to let us know about their actions as they are informed. Presently they are working with March and April events. In a couple of weeks they will begin working with groups scheduled for May and June.
We will make a decision and determine the future of our family reunion based on information provided by the hotel.
Thanks for your understanding and patience as we continue to follow coronavirus and hotel updates.
You may call me with any questions or concerns at 773-203-0001.

Alta Lott-Flowers
Commander In Chief

2020 Greetings Lott Family and Friends,

As we venture into this promising year of "dreams come true," just know that by setting some obtainable goals it can and will happen! We all have ideas of things we'd like to accomplish this year. Take the time right now (if you haven't already done so) to write them down and post them where you can reflect on and see them daily. 
My motivating phrase for this year is: "Plenty in 2020"  Know that prayers and wishes are being sent out for you to enjoy "plenty" of: love, kindness, health, happiness, peace, prosperity, family time, smiles, joy, laughter, and the list goes on. 
Whatever you want, are in need of and long for may you receive it in Jesus' name!
Continue to be a blessing to others as it will be returned to you in a mighty way. Always receognize and act on your strengths and purpose in life. We all have them. 
Prayer, rest, and relaxation are valuable for a peaceful life. Encourage others to know that all things are possible.
"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." Les Brown

Loving you "Lotts"
Alta Lott-Flowers
Commander In Chief

Holiday Greetings Lott Family and Friends,

It's a Wonderful time of the year!

What's most important to you? Give some considerate thought to your answer.
Remember the reason for the season. Much love to you all! 
Wishing you and yours an enjoyable, delighful, memorable holiday season.
Next year has an abundance of blessings, health, and joy for you all to embrace and experience.  Yes to 2020!!!

Loving you "Lotts"
Alta Lott-Flowers
Commander In Chief

October 25, 2019 

Greetings Lott Family and Friends, 

This message is to reach out to you for your support and help in getting our Montgomery, Alabama 2020 Lott Family and Friends Reunion plans moving forward. We need your financial support for our current Alabama reunion committee to initiate start up costs. Unfortunately, the committee is operating with a $0 balance. As we all very well know, there are immediate deposits due for the hotel, facilities, transportation, and other start up fees and costs. We are sending out this plea to encourage those of you that can to dig deep and help us out! We are in dire need and we have to confirm with the hotel as soon as possible. This is an unusual request, however it is of critical urgency. We are hopeful that any funds that you can forward can be used toward your reunion fees, however, we can not guarantee that at this time, due to the amount that is needed to meet our deposit expenses at this time. We are asking for donations of $100 or more. Absolutely, all donations will be appreciated and accepted with gratitude. Please understand and know that all donations that you forward will go directly to the committee to be used for deposits only to ensure the confirmation of the hotel. We will record and report all donations received. This matter has been discussed and agreed upon with Arthur Lott, President of the Alabama Reunion committee, and the Lott family Advisory Committee. We ask that you share and pass this information on to other family members and friends. If you have other ideas and suggestions as to generating funds and donations to help this committee, please forward them as well. We appreciate your prompt response. We will need your donations no later than November 30th. All forms of payment accepted. This is a separate fund from the reunion fees that you will send in to the Alabama reunion committee. 

You may forward all donations and any questions and concerns payable to: Alta Lott-Flowers 8543 S. Christiana Avenue Chicago, IL 60652

Thanks for your support, 

Alta Lott-Flowers Commander In Chief Author Alexander, Jimmy McBride, Timi Lott Lott Family Advisory Committee