Lott family and friends join us! Let's have some fun and look at some of our family history. It's Black History month and we can examine some of our own family history and information relative to our family. We welcome your comments, responses, and feedback.
1) What year was the first Lott family reunion held?
2) Where was the first Lott family reunion held?
Carrollton, MS
Grenada, MS
McCarley, MS

3) What date and year was Uncle Jimme Lott born?
4) Can you name the celebrity that was at the 2010 Lott family reunion in Atlanta Georgia?
Lil' John
Jerry Rupert
Def Jam Comedian

5) Name three of Gary Sr. and Frances Lott's children.
Willie , Stannie, Solomon Jr
Solomon Sr., Louie, Inez
Essix, Brown, Maria
6) Which Lott family member participated in the Bloody Sunday marches?
Jimmy McBride
Arthur Alexander
Jimmie Lott

7) What state did Gary Lott Sr. come from before settling in Mississippi?
North Carolina
South Carolina
8) What do you know about the current Brown Chapel Church?
Located in Carrollton, MS; Lott family members are buried on the grounds, Essix Lott built it
Brown Lott is buried there and the church is named after him
It was built in the 1940's by Stannie Lott Sr.