Hello Family, 

We are One month and 25 days (as of June 1) away from the 2018 Lott Family Reunion.

As of today (as of June 1) we"ve been informed that hotel reservations have been made and fees received from ONLY 51 family members.

There is a $5,000 minimum commitment to the Hotel to cover the costs of the banquet and facility usage.

If you are intenting to attend the 2018 Lott Family Reunion , please make your reservations and send your fees in as quickly as possible.

1.)  June 27, an additional deposit is due to the hotel for facilities and banquet.
2.)  July 13 is the final day to receive the discounted hotel rate and the $15.00 late fee reunion charge applies.
3.)  July 23 is the final payment to the the hotel for the banquet and facilities.

Please send payments in check or money order to Mr. Clark McBride, 3818 North Port Washington Road, Milwaukee WI 53212.
To expedite payment , Dwight has a CASH App. To make payments via CASH App , you need to download the a CASH App to your phone.  Then, submit payment to $lottreunion2018.  

Please DO NOT DISREGARD this notice, if you are planning to attend.  WE NEED YOUR PAYMENT NOW.

WHEN:   July 27, 2018 - July 29, 2018

WHERE:  Hyatt Regency Birmingham
                     The Wynfrey Hotel
                     1000 Riverchase Gaileria
                     Birmingham, AL  35244

ROOMS :  Single or double room $125.00 per night WITHOUT 
                     Single or double rooms $145.00 per night WITH 
                     Free-Children (ages 12 and under)
                     Check in 3:00 pm - Check out 12:00 pm

                                         FAMILY REUNION)  or


FEES:    $70 - Adults (20 and over) Amount due if submitted after                         July 13, 2018: $85.00
               $30 -  Young Adults(ages 13-19) Amount due if submitted
                 after July 13, 2018: $45.00

PARKING:   Discounted Hotel Self-Parking:   
                          $4.00 for 30 minutes to 9 hours                             
                          $6.00 per day up to 24 hours                                
                        Hotel Valet Parking: 
                           $12.00 for 30 minutes to 9 hours
                           $18.00 per day up to 24 hours
                        Galleria Mall Parking: Free parking overnight

TRANSPORTATION:  The Wynfrey Hotel provides complimentary airport transportation for individuals to and from the hotel.  Arrangments for group airport transportation may be made through local transportation companies at prevailing rates

Please return the 2018 LOTT Family & Friends Registration Form with your payment (check or money order ONLY) to:
                           Mr. Clark McBride
                           3818 North Port Washington Road
                           Milwaukee, WI 53212

    Lott Family Reunion  

You can Call the following committe members for help:

Dwright McBride, President (Midwest)   414-507-6488

Onna Alexander, Vice President (West Coast) 510-459-8287

Timi Lott, Secretary (Eastern States) 614-477-9046

Jimmie McBride, Comm. Member (Southern States) 414-975-8388

Clark McBride, Treasurer (Midwest) 414-239-3164

The orginal letter consist of 4 pages and can be obtain via email from alottsr.gmail.com.
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